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Brick Sorter Mini (Pre-Assembled)

Brick Sorter Mini (Pre-Assembled)

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Smaller version of our Brick Sorter product. This brick sorter mini will allow you to sort brick building toys like Lego by size making it faster to organize your collection for easier building. Created using high quality plywood by expert craftspeople using CNC machines for precision manufacturing. This is a quality product that will withstand rough play and it’s beautiful look will fit into any room.

Dimensions 11.25”x11.25”x15.5” (tall)
Included are:
5 sorting trays with different hole sizes
1 dust sifting tray at the bottom above base
1 base tray with roller ball wheels
1 lid that can hold an extra large Lego baseplate on top (not included)

Manufactured by the 
Elanwood in India
(Lego bricks and baseplates shown in product images are for example only and not included. No building blocks or Lego base plates are included.)

Bick Sorter Mini Instagram Video

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